Some options for Fastify

I've been experimenting with Fastify and I've enjoyed how it tightly integrates with JSON Schemas to validate both parameters sent to the server, and responses sent back to the client. The modules that made it into my toolbox so far are:

There's a bit more in the following code snippet (in Literate CoffeeScript as usual).

# This is


    Config = require 'config'

Fastify Framework

    fastify = (require 'fastify') {
      logger: Config.get 'fastify.logger'
      trustProxy: Config.get 'fastify.trustProxy'
    } support

    fastify.register (require 'fastify-sentry'),
      dsn: Config.get 'sentry.dsn'

Helmet security headers

    helmet = require 'fastify-helmet'
    fastify.register helmet


    CORS = require 'fastify-cors'
    fastify.register CORS

Swagger Stats (local machine only, useful while developing,
remove in production)

    swStats = require 'swagger-stats'
    fastify.register swStats.getFastifyPlugin

Prometheus metrics

    Metrics = require 'fastify-metrics'
    fastify.register Metrics, endpoint: '/metrics'

Dynamic Swagger generation based on routes and JSON Schema

    Swagger = require 'fastify-swagger'
    fastify.register Swagger,
          title: 'Example Swagger'
          description: 'API for Example services'
          version: '0.1.0'

              type: 'oauth2'
              flow: 'implicit'
              # authorizationUrl:
                'read:cat': 'read cat data'
                'write:cat': 'modify cat data'

      exposeRoute: true

JSON Web Token Authentication

This will provide you with a `user` field containing the 
JWT payload in the request object in your routes.

    jwt = require 'fastify-jwt'
    fastify.register jwt,
      secret: Config.get 'token.secret'
      cookieName: Config.get 'token.cookieName'

    fastify.register require 'fastify-cookie'

    fastify.decorate 'authenticate', (req,rep) ->
        await req.jwtVerify maxAge: Config.get 'token.maxAge'
      catch err
        rep.status(403).send err

JSON Web Token (scope) Authorization

    jwtAuthz = require 'fastify-jwt-authz'
    fastify.register jwtAuthz

Some routes…

    fastify.register (require './routes/api-v1'), prefix: '/api/v1'
    fastify.register (require './routes/meta'), prefix: '/meta'
    fastify.register (require './routes/root')

Some static content.

Notice the `decorateReply` on the first route, this allows you
to register multiple static routes.

    Content = require 'fastify-static'
    path = require 'path'
    fastify.register Content,
      root: path.join __dirname, '../demo/dist'
      prefix: '/demo/'
      schemaHide: true
      decorateReply: false
    fastify.register Content,
      root: path.join __dirname, '../front/dist'
      prefix: '/'
      schemaHide: true integration, if desired

    if Config.get ''
      IO = require ''
      io = new IO fastify.server, {}
      fastify.decorate 'io', io
      io.on 'connection', (require './io')

MongoDB client, if desired

    if Config.has 'feature.mongo'
      fastify.register (require 'fastify-mongodb'),
        forceClose: true
        url: Config.get 'feature.mongo'

Module or Application?

    module.exports = fastify

    if require.main is module
      do ->
        address = await fastify.listen (Config.get 'fastify.port'), (Config.get '')
        console.log fastify.printRoutes()
        console.log "Server listening on #{address}"