Some interesting WebAssembly tidbits, some new, some old:

  • WebAssembly Text Format on MDN was a fun tutorial to follow, showing the innards of a WebAssembly module;
  • Multi-value makes the stack-nature of the WebAssembly machine closer to what you'd expect if you've written code in e.g. Forth — actually removing an artificial limitation in what could be expressed with the typing system;
  • Support for Neural Networks (inference-only) in WASI-NN, similar to what is available in the browser; obviously the issue with machine description formats currently remains as unsolved in WASI-NN as it is in WebNN;
  • This last bit I found about via ByteCode Alliance's one-year update which has other interesting info, especially Fastly's involvement moving forward;
  • In turn this last reference was posted on the Discord of the Grain Language project, a strongly-typed, functional language that compiles to WebAssembly, which I started following recently.